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Zesty Sriracha Shrimp and Quinoa

posted by Julie Evink on March 24, 2014

Zesty Sriracha Shrimp & Quinoa ~ On the Table in 20 minutes and Loaded with Flavor!Zesty Sriracha Shrimp & Quinoa ~ On the Table in 20 minutes and Loaded with Flavor!

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  • Chloe @ foodlikecake

    I love spicy shrimp and this looks like the perfect dinner :-)

  • Lisa @ Garnish with Lemon

    This looks absolutely delicious! I love spicy shrimp! Pinned :)

  • Heather @ Sugar Dish Me

    Gahhhhhhh Julie! This dish looks amazing! Seriously.

  • Ginny McMeans

    My family will love this. Thanks for the recipe Julie!

    • Julie Evink

      Thanks Ginny!

      • laura proops

        The actual recipe for your Zesty Sriracha Shrimp and Quinoa is not on your website; only pictures. I am a member and can get to other recipes but not this one. PLEASE SEND ME THE RECIPE VIA MY EMAIL ADDRESS; PLEASE, PLEASE PLEASE!!! It looks soooo wonderful…
        Laura Proops

  • Ashley | Spoonful of Flavor

    Looks great, Julie! Love shrimp and quinoa!

  • Tanya Schroeder

    Look at you de-veining those shrimp! So….are you now hooked on Sriracha too?

  • Jocelyn (Grandbaby Cakes)

    OMG your shrimp looks magical. All the flavor there is wonderful.

  • Leah | So, How's It Taste?

    I am such a sucker for anything sriracha. I’d love a huge bowl of this!

  • Liz

    I adore quinoa and your gorgeous, spicy shrimp look like a magnificent topping!!!

    • Julie Evink

      Thanks so much Liz! It’s my new found love :)

  • MyMansBelly

    This looks like a great dish for those weeknight meals that need to be done on the fly!

    • Julie Evink

      It’s perfect for those nights!

  • Helen

    I can not get to recipe.

  • Danielle

    Balsamic siracha sauce with shrimp and quinoa. you are talking my language!!! Lol can’t wait to try this!

    • Julie Evink

      Haha I knew you would love this! I actually thought of you when I was brainstorming!

  • Kathi @ Deliciously Yum!

    This is such a great combination. Love this, Julie! Looks so ah-mazing :)

  • Julie @ This Gal Cooks

    Wowza! Those shrimp look to die for, Julie! Great to pair it up with Quinoa, which is one of my favs! Pinned. Hope you have a great week! :)

  • Andi @ The Weary Chef

    LOVE this, Julie! I’m crazy for Chinese recipes, and this one looks gorgeous. It’s a great idea to serve it over quinoa instead of rice. I’m going to try try that next time!

    • Julie Evink

      Yes you need to try it! Big fan right here!

  • Alyssa (Everyday Maven)

    Your shrimp look amazing!

  • Trish - Mom On Timeout

    Seriously looks like the perfect dinner to me Julie! Pinned!

  • Brandie (@ Home Cooking Memories)

    I’m a fairly new sriracha fan, but now that I’ve started using it, I want it on everything! I still haven’t used it with shrimp though, so I’ve got to try this. Your photos make me want to dive right in!

  • Audra

    I am a huge fan of quinoa recipes and this one looks delicious! Love the recipe for the shrimp and I bet the flavor is fantastic. Thank you for sharing, pinning this wonderful recipe :)

  • Nibbles By Nic

    DROOLING! Thanks so much for sharing at WONDERFULLY CREATIVE WEDNESDAYS! Sharing on FB & twitter as we speak ( or type :-) xo Nic

  • Cathy@LemonTreeDwelling

    This. Looks. AWESOME!!!!

  • Shawn @ I Wash You Dry

    Julie! This looks phenomenal!! I’m so making this tonight! YUM!

  • Tonya

    I’m trying to find the recipe for the Zesty Sriracha Shrimp. When I click on the page, it only shows pictures of the meal. How can I get the recipe?

    • Julie Evink


      • Tonya

        Thanks, I apparently didn’t scroll down far enough! :)

        • Julie Evink

          Glad you found it :)

          • Shane

            Hi Julie,

            Did you ever look into this recipe and see why quite a few commenters (including myself) had a bad result? Are the measurements all accurate? Please follow up because the photos do look good, but it came out salty, sludgy…

            Thank you very much! I look forward to hearing back.

  • Lara

    This recipe looked so great when I found it on Pinterest, and we made it for dinner tonight. I feel like I did something wrong because I followed the measurements exactly and my quinoa and shrimp were swimming in way too much liquid once I added the sauce. We had to scoop everything out with a slotted spoon. Help!

    • Hanna

      The exact same thing happened to me! Not sure why…..

  • Jared

    There must be a mistake in this recipe. Massive quantities of soy sauce (3/4 cup!?) and balsamic vinegar (1/3 cup?), compounded by quinoa in stock? Salt much? Though doubtful of these absurd measurements and flavor profiles, I still followed this recipe to a tee. I figured I must be missing something. I should have trusted my intuition. I ended up with a black, soupy sludge of shrimp and quinoa that bore the overwhelming taste of beef jerky. Beware of all the “looks yummy!” comments. Try actually making it. Not yummy. Not at all.

    • Ali

      Sad to say, I agree. This recipe looked so promising. I’m not sure if I did something wrong. It came together so easily but was so salty and soupy. Haven’t had a flop in awhile so maybe it just needs some adjustments.

      • Nicole

        I’d also have to agree with the too salty comment, found that my sauce did not thicken at all and was left with far too much. I could have easily doubled the quinoa to help balance out the saltiness of the dish. Would attempt the receipe again with many modifications.

        • Jade

          Did you ever look into this?! I’m wondering why this makes such a sludgy mess.
          Thank you!

  • Heather Lynn

    The recipe definitely does not work in the stated proportions. I am going to make a second batch of quinoa and add more shrimp. By diluting the sauce with a little low salt chicken stock and the additional ingredients, I think the recipe should be great. The ingredients are a wonderful combination of flavours, but was just way too intense!

  • Bertha

    Just tried this recipe and it’s just too salty. Sadly, I won’t try it again.

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