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Grilled Pizza Burrito

posted by Julie Evink on September 28, 2011

I’m finally posting a recipe that doesn’t deal with breakfast. I bet you are all a bit relieved. I’m not sure how or why I got on that kick but it was a good one. I think I noticed I didn’t have many recipes for breakfast on the blog and I went overboard a bit. I’ll try to do a couple posts that don’t have anything to do with breakfast, but I’m not sure how long I can last without posting another one!

This “recipe” is another one of those super easy meals that doesn’t really call for a recipe but I had to post it anyways. I created it last Saturday when I was needing a quick and easy lunch and I wasn’t in the mood for anything time consuming. I had already made the Easy Cinnamon Rolls that morning, which yes they were easy but still I had spent time in the kitchen! I saw a picture of these online, where I have no idea, but the picture was in my head so I thought I’d make up my own little recipe.

These were so good that we not only ate them for lunch on Saturday we might have had them for Sunday lunch when we were watching some football. The hubby loves them, I love them, I love them even more because they are so easy, so I’ll make them anytime he requests them that’s for sure! These would also be super easy to do on the outside grill if you want to do that or even if you are camping and looking for a different treat. Enjoy!

Grilled Pizza Burrito
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Burrito Shell
Pizza Sauce
Shredded Cheese
Pepperoni (Or any pizza topping you’d like)
Garlic powder
Italian Seasoning

1. Spoon pizza sauce into the middle of the burrito shell and spread it around. you want to keep it about 3 inches from the side. Then layer on your pepperoni and shredded cheese. Sprinkle a little Italian Seasoning and garlic powder.

2. Fold two sides inward then start from a side that’s not folded and roll the burrito up. There’s some pictures below that will help show this!

3. Place in a panini press or a George Foreman or in a pan on the stove (you’ll just have to flip it after the one side is brown).

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  • The Farmers Wife

    That is such an awesome idea! This would be a great quick weeknight meal! Thanks for sharing!



  • Katie

    Um, yes please!

  • Emily

    These look SO easy and delicious!

  • june

    found your site from jane deere…thanks for sharing your link! looks like a great recipe that my kids would love because it’s tasty…and i would love because it’s perfect for a busy weekday!

  • Tom

    Tis no burrito I spy there, but a quesadilla.

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