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Pineapple Chicken Kabobs

posted by Julie Evink on July 24, 2014

Pineapple Chicken Kabobs ~ Quick and Easy Marinated Kabobs that are the Perfect Combination of Sweet and Tangy!

Pineapple Chicken Kabob ~ Quick and Easy Marinated Kabobs that are the Perfect Combination of Sweet and Tangy!

Before this summer I had never turned our grill on. It was left to the hubs to do that “manly” thing and grill whenever he wanted to and I loved that he was in charge of the main dish even though I still had to prep it and get the side dishes ready. It gave me a bit of a break.

Turns out this really didn’t work because I quickly learned I was not getting much grilled food in the summer and I totally adore it. So I finally broke down and figured out how to use the darn thing. I know, I know it’s really not that hard considering we have a gas grill! I still don’t use it as much as I should but I’ve started to grow accustomed to it and I figure I’ll use it more and more as I find new recipes I love for it!

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  • Danielle | Krafted Koch

    YUM! We can enjoy these together and our crazy husbands who don’t like pineapple can go make a boring steak or something. 🙂

    • Wendy

      Omg I love your comment ! My Husband is the same way ! Boring picky eater and the rest of us are not , so we will enjoy these too !

  • Catherine

    Beautiful for a summer bbq. Blessings, Catherine

  • Matt+Robinson

    Perfect combination of flavors, so glad you got the grill going for these!

    • Julie Evink

      Thanks Matt! Love this flavor combo!

  • Jessica+@+A+Kitchen+Addiction

    Love this tropical kabob! Perfect for summer grilling!

  • christine schiffer

    I already make theses and yes they are sooo good. Just a grilling tip for yall- always use the wooden skewers if possible. They are cheap, no clean up, plus metal ones tend to heat up and cook from the inside as well. Resulting in dry meat- no bueno. Hope it helps

    • Julie Evink

      Great tip! Glad you enjoyed them Christine!

  • Jill

    Will be checking out if the supermarket here sells it. Nice tip! Thanks for sharing !

  • Elaine

    Is there a way to cook these inside? I just found your recipe and it looks perfect for my winter buffet. I live in New England. No chance of outdoor grilling in our winter.

  • Cathy Trochelman

    I’m so excited for grilling season and THESE!!!

  • Elizabeth

    Can you email me the recipe, my computer isnt dispaying it…

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