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Fiesta Nacho Cheese Beef & Potatoes

posted by Julie Evink on October 28, 2013

Fiesta Nacho Cheese Beef & Potatoes ~ Easy weeknight meal with a Tex Mex Flair! Loaded with O’Brien potatoes, hamburger, corn & Fiesta Nacho Cheese!

Fiesta Nacho Cheese Beef & Potatoes ~ Easy weeknight meal with a Tex Mex Flare!I started this little blog four years ago this month. I can’t believe it’s been that long! It started as a place where I would go and share a few recipes for family and friends because I was frequently asked for recipes and I figured I’d just share them this way. I had read one blog before and really had no idea what I was doing. Pictures? If I had one it was terrible. It makes me shudder now, but I also realize how very far I’ve come since then.

Over the years it’s evolved into what it is today. I didn’t get seriously about it until the last year and half. I switched from Blogger to WordPress which was a huge transition but well worth it. I did my own site design and finally this past month forked over the “Dough” to get a professional design. I’ve worked my tail off while trying to maintain a somewhat clean house, clean laundry in the dressers and a happy family while working full-time. It’s been crazy but it’s been fun.

You know what I love most about this? It’s when YOU comment and tell me that you made a recipe, I helped you start cooking, you impressed your husband etc. That’s what keeps me going! I love going to the grocery store in my small town and having friends and people stop me and tell me they tried a recipe and it was amazing. Or better yet having those so called friends literally stalk my cart to see what I’m making this week! How but when I check out and the cashier looks at the ingredients in my cart and helps me figure out the finishing touches on my snack mix!

Today was a special day for me. I have been working my tail off trying to get to 300,000 page views in a rolling month. Today it happened. I may have been glued to my screen checking every few moments. It amazes me that you guys keeping coming back for more!

You may ask me what my next goal is? I’ve pondered that and I honestly came up with nothing to do with blogging! Well it sorta does but it’s to make enough money from this blog to hire a housekeeping service. I need someone to come clean the flour and butter off my cupboards so I don’t have to do it! Doesn’t that sound amazing? I think so!

So thank you to each and everyone of you for coming back day after day, week after week and leaving me sweet comments. I sorta, like, totally big fluffy heart you guys!


Now go and enjoy this super simple Fiesta Nacho Cheese Beef & Potatoes. It’s totally perfect for those hearty, comfort meals we so willingly make in these colder months. Plus it’s totally simple. You use the microwave for part of it! Can’t beat that!

Fiesta Beef O’Brian Potatoes

Prep Time 10 minutes Cook Time 30 minutes Total Time 0:40 Serves 6 Servings     adjust servings


  • 1 (28 oz) bag O'Brien Potatoes, thawed
  • 2 Tbsp water
  • 1 lb ground beef
  • 1 (1 oz) pkg taco seasoning
  • 1 (15.25 oz) can corn
  • 2/3 c. milk
  • 1 (10 3/4 oz) condensed cream of mushroom soup
  • 1 (10 3/4 oz) condensed Fiesta Nacho Cheese Soup


  1. In a microwave safe bowl place potatoes and water. Cover with saran wrap and microwave on high for 10 minutes, stirring twice, or until until tender.
  2. While potatoes are cooking prepare beef and taco seasoning according to directions on taco seasoning.
  3. In a small bowl whisk together soups and milk until well blended. Add to beef mixture and stir in corn and potatoes. Reduce heat to low and cook, covered, for 10 minutes or until heated through.


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  • Mary.

    BMThis sure makes for “game day” eats also ideal for the “big game” BTW, happy 4th annniversary (online) julie!

  • Stephanie @ PlainChicken

    Congrats on hitting your goal!! Keep up the good work!!

  • Jennie @themessybakerblog

    Congrats on four years! I know all about piles of laundry and dishes, dusty furniture, and unmade beds. It’s a lot of work keeping up with everything, and comments definitely put a smile on my face too. I sure could use a cleaning service. My poor cabinets are sticky. This looks like the perfect weeknight meal. Pinned. Keep up the great work; I love reading your blog.

    • Julie Evink

      Thanks Jennie! Here’s to finally getting our cleaning services 🙂

  • Mary Frances @ The Sweet {Tooth} Life

    Congrats! That is so exciting! I’ve been stalking your blog for a little and your food always makes my mouth water (stalking at 5:30 pm might not be so smart;) This is no exception – nachos and I’m on board! So creative to mix them with potatoes. Mouth.Watering.

    • Julie Evink

      Thanks so much Mary! And I enjoy your stalking so please feel free to continue 🙂

      • Mary.

        There are 2 “Marys” that frequent your blog! Why? Because we. Both <3 U!

  • Tanya Schroeder

    Yeah you!!! It couldn’t have happened to a better person! This will be added to my husbands “must make” list!

    • Julie Evink

      Aww thanks Tanya! Also, thanks for being my blogging soul mate 🙂

  • Stargazer

    It’s “flair”, not “flare”!

  • Aida Suarez

    Hi Julie I made this recipe tonight it was a hit!!!!! And I love how fast and easy it was….. great recipe!!!!!

  • Cathy@LemonTreeDwelling

    Great dish, Julie! This is not something I would ever come up with…but I’m glad you did! 🙂

  • Miranda

    What can I use instead of cream of mushroom??? And how many does it serve?

    • Julie Evink

      It serves 4-6 people. I’m not sure on the cream of mushroom soup. I know there are some substitutes online but I have never tried any of them sorry!

    • Mary.

      Ever tried “cambells® golden mushroom” soup before?

      • Julie Evink

        I have! I used it in my Crock Pot Swedish Meatballs recipe!

  • Andi @ The Weary Chef

    This looks incredible! You seriously have THE BEST recipes, so I’m not at all surprised that you hit 300K PVs this month! You very much deserve it! Thanks for sharing how long have you been doing this so those of us who are newer kids on the block (like me) don’t get discouraged. Congratulations, Julie!

    • Julie Evink

      Aww you are to sweet Andi! I’m just a regular old blogger that keeps pluggin’ away at it…if I can do it anyone can!

  • Debi @ That Crafty Lunch Lady

    This recipe caught my eye as it could be something I could tweak into a gluten free meal. We love all mexican-style food and this sounds wonderful. Thanks for sharing!

  • Jen Nikolaus

    WOO HOO!!!! Congrats to you, my friend! You deserve it! You are just wonderful and so are these potatoes – I’m dying to try them! Thanks for sharing at Saturday Night Fever! 🙂

  • AIDA


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