2 packages vanilla instant pudding  6 cups cold milk Orange food coloring 8 ounces Cool Whip  Candy corn Orange and yellow sanding sugar 7 9-ounce clear plastic cups


In a large bowl, pour both packages of instant vanilla pudding mix and add the milk. Then mix according to package instructions.

Divide the pudding so there are 2 cups of pudding in one bowl and 4 cups of pudding in another.

In the bowl with the 4 cups of pudding, add 5 drops of orange food coloring, mixing between each drop until desired orange color is achieved.

Then in a plastic cup, add 4 spoonfuls of the yellow vanilla pudding for the bottom layer. Then 8 spoonfuls of the orange-colored vanilla pudding for the second layer.

Next, cover the top with the thawed cool whip.

Finally, add candy corn and sanding sugar on top of the cool whip.