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Hamburger Stroganoff

posted by Julie Evink on September 26, 2017

Hamburger Stroganoff ~ An easy weeknight supper of Ground Beef Stroganoff will put smiles on the whole family’s faces including Mom’s!


Well the storm’s a brewing in MN once again…..this Hamburger Stroganoff, or others might call it Ground Beef Stroganoff, is the perfect meal to cozy up to when its blustery out. It’s quick, easy and delicious. You really can go wrong with stroganoff!

Jason adoringly refers to this as “Stroggie”. I told him I was going to make this last weekend and his eyes lit up kinda like when I make Taco Pie. It’s another hand me down recipe from Mama Coleen….thank you mom! It’s way better than Hamburger Helper and just as easy in my opinion!

Update on the Evink household….we have outlets and light switches that WORK in the basement. I guess I really should have some more faith in my wonderful husband who is an electrician/plumber/carpenter. The first night the electrical was done (and yes it passed inspection so our house shouldn’t burn to the ground!) I walked downstairs to do laundry and was reaching everywhere for a cord to pull so the light went on then I want AHHHH yes that’s right I’m moving up in the world…I have light switches!


He’s currently down there slaving away. I’m not sure what he’s doing but I’ll leave him be in his future man cave. I on the other hand am taking the night off. I poured myself a glass of wine and plan on sitting on the couch and watching some TV. I found out that I can get all the “Say Yes to the Dress” episodes instantly through Netflix so I might watch that or Gossip Girls. It’s kind of a toss up!

Oh other big news in the life of Julie…I got a new cell phone today! I upgraded from my reliable OLD flip phone to a “Smart Phone”. I called my dad after I got it (that’s about all I could figure out on it) and told him that I now know what he feels like when he is suppose to use new technology. Completely illiterate! I broke out the user guide so I plan on reading up on that. Wish me luck! Now I’m done rambling so here’s that recipe.

65 reviews

Hamburger Stroganoff

Prep Time 10 minutes Cook Time 20 minutes Serves 4     adjust servings


  • 1/2 c. minced onion
  • 1 clove garlic
  • 1/4 c. butter
  • 1 lb ground beef
  • 2 Tbs flour
  • 1 tsp salt
  • 1/4 tsp pepper
  • 1 – 8 oz can sliced mushrooms, optional
  • 1 can cream of chicken soup or cream of mushroom soup
  • 1 c. sour cream
  • Egg Noodles or Rice


  1. Saute onion and garlic in butter. Stir in meat and brown.
  2. Stir in flour, salt, pepper & mushrooms. Cook five minutes, drain off grease.
  3. Stir in soup and simmer, uncovered 10 minutes.
  4. Stir in sour cream and garnish with parsley.
  5. Put on noodles or rice. I always use egg noodles.


Nutrition Facts
Serving Size
Amount Per ServingAs Served
Calories 596kcal Calories from fat 451
% Daily Value
Total Fat 50g77%
Saturated Fat 24g120%
Transfat 2g
Cholesterol 147mg49%
Sodium 833mg35%
Carbohydrate 13g4%
Dietary Fiber 1g4%
Sugars 3g
Protein 24g

Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs:

Total FatLess than65g
Sat FatLess than25g
CholesterolLess than300mg
SodiumLess than2,400mg
Total Carbohydrate300g
Dietary Fiber25g

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  • kathie

    I just made this tonight, but used gluten free soup and corn starch instead of flour, FANTASTIC!!

    • Julie Evink

      Thanks for sharing!

    • lori

      I made this for dinner and im eating it right now its a pretty good meal. I will be making this again for dinner since this is easy and quick!

  • amy

    I use 1 can of beef consomme instead of the cream of chicken! It gives it more of the sour creamy/beefy flavor that my boys love!

  • Carrie

    This is how I grew up with it, it’s still a family favorite and standby in our house as we almost always have everything.

    • Julie Evink

      It’s definitely one of my “go to” recipes when I have no idea what to make!

  • H li

    I added some peas to mine to add a little veggie. Yum!

  • cs martin

    I always add a little cream cheese to it too.

  • Deb

    This was okay, I found it a little rich, especially the next day. Might leave out the sour cream next time.

  • Paula Gehrig

    I started making this in 1968, and this is the first meal I made for my husband (then boyfriend) in 1978. The differences in my recipe are: no flour and add a little milk, simmer for 20 minutes instead of 10. This is one of our favorites!

  • karen

    Made this for dinner one night and loved it. Served over noodles with white corn and will make again! Did not change anything in the recipe.

  • Kelli

    This was amazing! I did substitute the cream of chicken with cream of mushroom and added half a can of beef broth. The chicken option sounded strange to me – I don’t know. I’ve been looking for a recipe similar to the one of my youth and you definitely hit it! Thanks!!!

    • Julie Evink

      I sub the chicken out with mushroom sometimes too! Glad you enjoyed it!

    • adam harris

      i thought cream of mushroom soup would be better , but im just about to cook this tonite with cambells cream of chicken soup

      • Julie Evink

        Either are good in my opinion Adam! Feel free to change it out.

  • Kris

    I know, I know everyone will want to shoot me for this but my very favorite way to eat this is over mashed potatoes. 😀

  • Caryn

    I started making this when I was a teenager (we won’t say how many years ago that was!). I hadn’t made it in several years and found my old recipe and made it the other night. It’s such a great recipe. And I agree it’s much better than HH! 🙂

  • Anna

    My mother made this back in the late 50’s but she always added a little kitchen bouquet to add a darker color and make it more appetizing. And hers did look more appetizing with the beef color.

  • Samantha

    Recipe was a little too sour creamy, so I added an additional 1/2 can of soup and a few generous dashes of worchestershire sauce.

  • Angeline

    I bought Campbells Cream of Chicken soup and I was questioning why it would be Cream of Mushroom soup instead? The Cream of Chicken had pink chunks of chicken in it which totally looked gross mixed in with the beef strogenoff. I’ve never seen anything like that and it looked unappealing. I picked out the chuncks of chicken as I went along, so the remaining were too small to notice.

    • Sara

      I make this same recipe which my mom use to make but i use cream of mushroom and i add a little heavy cream to it! I also use a shallot instead of regular onion! Its soooooo good!

  • Lisa

    Too much sour cream but not too bad.

  • Kristen

    I’ve been meaning to make this for awhile now. I made it tonight. OMG! Amazing! My husband can’t stop talking about it! So easy too! Can easily be done during the week on a right schedule. I did do cream of mushroom soup instead of the chicken. I will definitely add this into the dinner rotation. Thank you!

    • Julie Evink

      So glad you enjoyed! It’s one of my husband’s favorites too!

  • Jessica Mudica

    This is the exact recipe from the Better Homes and Gardens cookbook we use. We add 1/4 cup of sherry when adding the soup. A family favorite for sure!

  • Katie

    I have never needed to comment on something but I just have to on this! The whole concept is great except there is no flavor!!! I had to add more salt a ton of pepper, garlic salt, basil oregano and basil! I think I would just buy the stuff out of the box next time but my version was very good, thanks!

  • jody

    I have n amazing husband who does all the cooking but I found myself having to make dinner for the kids and I last night and decided on this. I already had some pre browned hamburger. It was SO EASY and quick. Everyone loved it! I made it just as it says only I added a little milk and a little sour cream in the main mixture and I also added the noodles directly in. It was much creamier with these changes. No extra sour cream on top. And I used fresh mushrooms. I will defiantly be making this again.

    • Julie Evink

      I’m so glad you came back to tell me this! Glad you all love this recipe. It’s one of our favorites too!

  • Betty

    it’s not a pretty dish but I am sure it is going to be really good.

    • Julie Evink

      It’s delicious! Hope you enjoy it!

  • Amanda M.

    I SWEAR THIS IS THE BEST FREAKING STROGANOFF EVER!!!! Ok sorry I got excited, seriously though. I haven’t had stroganoff in ages cause I tried a few other recipies and they had no flavor. I gave up for a while and wished my mommy could make me some until I happened across this. Made it EXACTLY as directions say. And it turned out PERFECT! I don’t think I can explain to you how delicious this was or how excited I am. It tastes just like home if not better. I never get seconds but today I definitely did. Thank you tons for the recipe. I also thought the cream of chicken sounded weird but I followed anyways and mine also had chuncks of chicken but it really was delicious. I’m convinced the cream of chicken gave it the flavor. So freaking good I love you so much right now and idk you lol

    • Julie Evink

      Oh Amanda you pretty much just made my month, week and year with this comment! I’m so glad you loved it so much. Hopefully you find some other recipes you love just as much! Thanks for visiting 🙂

  • Heather

    Delicious! But really thick….I used Greek yogurt in place of sour cream and thinned out the sauce more with low sodium chicken broth. Family loves it! Egg noodles a must with this dish, whole wheat of course 🙂

    • Julie Evink

      Glad you enjoyed it with a few changes!

      • Becca

        Are you supposed to add the one can of water to the soup or just put in the soup concentrate?

        • Julie Evink

          Just the concentrate!

          • Becca


  • Gail

    This receive called for a little too much sour cream for my taste. I also used cream of mushroom soup instead of cream of chicken.

    • Julie Evink

      Great ways to adapt it to your taste buds Gail!

  • Courtney

    I used Greek yogurt instead of sour cream (more protein and less fat) and added some Greek yogurt cream cheese. I used cream of mushroom soup (low sodium) and reduced the salt over all. It was a little bland for me so I upped the spices amd included paprika and chili powder (not as traditional but still yummy). I also doubled the garlic.

    I am definitely keeping this budget meal.

    • Julie Evink

      So glad you enjoyed it Courtney! Love your twists on the recipe! Thanks for coming back and letting me know 🙂

  • Crystal

    Great and easy recipe!!! My 13yr old daughter made it all by herself. We will be keeping this, it’s a easy family meal.

    • Julie Evink

      Impressive! You’ve got a cook on your hands!

  • Sara

    Great recipe! My mom made this for me all the time. I use cream of mushroom and i add a little heavy cream to it. I also use a shallot and crimini mushrooms always! I think it takes it to another level!
    Thanks for sharing!

    • Julie Evink

      Those are great options Sara!

  • Amf

    Seems like Cream of Mushroom would be a better option than Cream of Chicken.

    • Julie Evink

      Yes you can totally substitute that!

  • Ashley

    Looking forward to cooking this tonight for my family. I’m planning on following the recipe exactly, however, if I were to throw some cream cheese in, how much do you think I should use? My husband is the one who usually does all the cooking ?

    • Julie Evink

      I would worry that the mixture would get to thick if you add cream cheese. You might want to add less sour cream or put some beef broth in.

  • Kathy

    I have a finicky eater who will not eat mushrooms. I on the other hand, love ground beef stroganoff. Going to give this one a shot using cream of chicken soup instead of the cream of mushroom. Thanks for the recipe!

  • Holland

    Love it. Totally came across this recipe on Pinterest….I’m in MN too ha 🙂

  • Jimbocous

    I’ve probably been making a variant of this for 45 years or so, since I was a teen first on my own. Only difference in how I do it is I add a couple beef bouillon cubes to darken it a bit and add some beef flavor, always use mushroom soup, and in that last 10 minutes cooking I just throw the uncooked noodles and some extra water in and let them cook there. Also may throw a little red wine in if I’m feeling upscale:)

    • Julie Evink

      All great additions and changes!! I think I need to make a “One Pot” version now 🙂

  • Donna

    This was a favorite when my kids were growing up 4 decades ago but I got out of the habit of making it. I haven’t seen this recipe anywhere else. Thanks for reviving it.

    • Julie Evink

      It’s a good one! Gotta keep this one going 🙂

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