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Carpet & Appliances!

posted by Julie Evink on May 8, 2013


Well the moving day is nearing and I have a ton of stuff to do still. The hubby is also burning the midnight oil! We actually moved up the moving date a few weeks back by a week. Now I’m wondering if that was such a good idea but we are going with it!

This week we were busy installing appliances, the carpet came for the bedrooms and I continued moving things in and packing! That fridge…squeaked in by HAIRS. I of course showed up just in time to see the guys bringing it in. I could have done with out that!




You may be wondering why I didn’t get a double wall oven and then a stove top. Here’s the deal. I didn’t want to give up my counter space. By doing it this way I was able to put another wall oven in beside the oven/stove and have a counter over the top of it. If I would have did the double wall oven/stove top combo I would have lost that counter space and I wasn’t about to lose my precious counter space!


We went with the new Slate appliances from GE. They are a bit darker than stainless and they don’t leave finger prints. AMAZING! I’m already thankful for that choice. They look great. The only bummer is they don’t make a wall oven so that is in stainless. It doesn’t look bad, but the non finger printing appliances have me spoiled already!


List – Updated

1. Gut Upstairs

2. Side entire house (Siding off, Tyvek On!)

3. Trim out house (ORDERED! ARRIVED! STARTED!)

4. Jack up floor or ceiling

5. Fix Bathtubs

6. Frame windows and patio doors

5. Sheet rock in kitchen

6.Mud & Tape Upstairs

7. Paint, Paint, & Paint

8. Re-do wiring in kitchen

9. Install new windows

10. Install Kitchen Cabinets

11. Install Flooring

12. Install Appliances

13.  Install Vanities, toilets etc. in bathroom (Tub fixtures left, and one toilet to hook up!)

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  • Amy DeVries

    I have to say I love the slate appliances look! I hate stainless and will never do actual stainless, the slate is definately the better choice. I’m so glad that full stainless is a fad they say is going out of style!

  • tanya

    Yeah!!!! Appliances! I’ve never seen the slate color, but me likey!! You can cook now!

  • Cathy@LemonTreeDwelling

    You are getting close!! I can totally relate to your list…aggghhhhh! When we moved into our house 2 years ago it had been untouched since 1965 and badly beaten by renters. I had multiple lists….all a mile long….and my husband actually “moved in” (came here every night after work and worked till 2 am, then slept on the floor in the family room) 2 weeks early while I stayed home and packed up our old house. Hang in there…..looks like you’re almost done!!!!! And it’s looking great!!

    • Julie Evink

      Lisa actually told me about your house and gave me the link to it when I purchased ours. My response was, “Think she’d come do mine?” 🙂

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